Anatomy of a Bugatti: The Interior.

Anatomy of a Bugatti:
The Interior.

All new Bugatti models are designed with impressive luxury. Every new Bugatti interior has a host of intricate designs, first-rate materials, innovative technologies and so much more. Learn about new Bugatti interior designs here, then visit Bugatti Miami to speak with our Bugatti sales team about how you can buy or order a new Bugatti at our Miami, FL, Bugatti dealership.

Bugatti Cockpit Design

New Bugatti Chiron, Chiron Sport and Divo models all offer a similar, C-line architecture that alters slightly depending on which model you choose to buy. At the center of the steering wheel, you'll find a horseshoe-esque design, and the C-line runs in the middle of the interior. Additionally, the gear selector is placed higher near the central media console. This helps create a driver-centric cockpit design, giving whomever is in the driver's seat the feeling that they are in complete control.

Bugatti Seating & Materials

Bugatti uses upper-echelon materials and varying combinations of colors to further the intricate interior design of each new Bugatti. Each new Bugatti exudes bespoke luxury, as customers are able to customize the interior of their beloved Bugatti super car. From two-tone interior colors to the differing materials such as leather, carbon, platinum or solid aluminum, an array of options ensures you can truly make the Bugatti the car of your dreams.

Contact Bugatti Miami today to learn more about how you can customize a Bugatti and order your own model. We look forward to seeing you at our Miami Bugatti dealership.

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