Bugatti’s exotic cars stand for paramount power, superlative speed, extreme exclusivity, and elegant luxury. Owners of such exclusive automobiles maintain their taste for style and beauty in all avenues of life. While you can't bring the power and speed of a Bugatti supercar indoors, you can enjoy the finish & quality of the car's interior in your home furnishings.

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Bugatti Home Collection at the Milan Furniture Fair, 2019

The exquisite line of Bugatti brand furniture, available exclusively from the Luxury Living Group, extends the superior luxury and unique style of Bugatti from the road to your living room.

Living Bugatti Luxury at Home

Braman Bugatti Miami, a premier Bugatti dealership in Miami, FL, is the destination to fulfill your dreams of owning a Bugatti car. But if your pride for ownership of a Bugatti goes beyond the car, we present for your consideration the Bugatti Home line of furniture, available through the Miami location of the Luxury Living Group.

The latest Bugatti Home collection was officially unveiled at the 2019 international furniture fair "Salone del Mobile" in Milan. It is a celebration of the spirit of Bugatti that originated with the interior designs of Carlo Bugatti, the father of Bugatti's founder Ettore Bugatti. The designers of the furniture, Carlo Colombo and Toan Nguyen, took care to incorporate into the Bugatti Home Collection line of furniture the luxury and perfection that has been a hallmark of Bugatti Automotive since its founding in 1909.

The Bugatti Home Collection

Bugatti Home’s interior designers carefully infused the luxurious contours of each piece with the elegance and perfection that are reminiscent of Bugatti cars. The furniture pieces feature high end materials and striking design elements. Soft, luxurious fabrics and leather lend elegance to the upholstery. Rare Sodalite gemstone work evokes the ambience of Bugatti blue and is complimented with Striato Olimpico Marble. The exclusive collection features such pieces as:

Cobra Chair: This elegant but simple chair is a modern rendering of the original version made by Carlo Bugatti in 1902. Only 110 exclusive pieces with the evocative Bugatti blue and white color scheme were made to commemorate Bugatti's founding 110 years ago.

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Chiron Sofa: Named for the famed Bugatti racing driver Louis Chiron and the Bugatti Chiron car, this sofa's aerodynamic design makes it appear to be floating on air. It is available with fabric or leather upholstery.

Royale Sofa and Armchair: These companion pieces are made with carbon fiber and covered with fine leather. Their minimalistic contours offer a high degree of comfort in addition to exceptional design.

Atlantic Table and Chair: These pieces are inspired by the 1936 Bugatti Atlantic, whose profile decorates the leather top of the table. The table's base is a carbon fiber cone that is deceptively slim but powerful enough to bear the expansive top. The simple, slender design of the chair is a perfect complement to the vast expanse of the table.

Lydia Bed and Bedside Table: The headboard of the comfortable Lydia bed proudly, but subtly, features the EB monogram. The side table is another minimalist design of luxurious leather covered carbon fiber frame.

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Ettore Desk, Chair, and Low Cabinet: These cleverly coordinated handsome pieces are a great asset to any well-appointed office. All three pieces feature carbon fiber frames adorned with rich wood and soft leather incorporating the Bugatti Blue. Their stylish decor and spacious design make these pieces both appealing and functional.

Bugatti Home offers the perfect furniture piece to compliment your style and space. Contact the Luxury Living Group to see the exclusive collection and bring the beauty and luxury of Bugatti to the inside of your home. If you’ve yet to experience the ultimate in luxury automotive performance, contact Braman Miami Bugatti to learn how you can drive a Bugatti Veyron or Chiron supercar.


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